2. Tracing Inspirations

To follow on from the last blog, and before this blog roll begins to feature reflections from other artist members, we wanted to reflect on some of the inspirations that have fed into the PLACE Collective. Life is a continuous learning journey and we all pick up so much – often without realising that it … Continue reading 2. Tracing Inspirations

1. From small seeds …

So the PLACE Collective is here – but how did it come about? The PLACE Collective is an ambitious and exciting venture. And for the first blog we thought we’d share some musings about the early sparks of ideas, and the journey to get to here.

thoughts, artwork, provocations

The PLACE Collective blog will be a bit eclectic. We’re at the start of the journey now and as posts appear they won’t always be from the same people – the Blog is a space for reflections and for artist members to probe at the edges of ideas and share their thoughts. Keep coming back to see what’s going on.


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