Meet the Team

talking, walking, creating – together

One of our core aims is to bring people together to share different ways of thinking and seeing. The PLACE Collective will follow a direction that’s largely determined by what its members bring and what others ask of it – but we have a group of people at the helm. Loosely termed as the ‘advisory board’ this brings a range of skills, experience and outlooks. We will be working behind the scenes to ensure PLACE is on track with a set of goals, and always stays open minded. Here’s a short introduction to who we are.


Harriet & Rob Fraser –

from The centre for national parks and protected areas

Lois Mansfield, Director, Ambleside Campus

Angie Anthonisz, Theme Lead, Rural and Visitor Economy

Penny Bradshaw, Theme Lead, Cultural Landscapes

Chris Loynes, Theme Lead, Human-Nature Relationships

Find out more about the themes at the CNPPA website

from the arts & environmental sectors

Olivia Adu, Geological Curatorial Assistant, Tullie House and Freelance e-Curator and Podcaster, ‘What Makes The Lakes’

Kate Brundrett, Independent artist and director Studio Morland

Mike Collier, artist, writer and curator and Professor of Visual Art at Sunderland University

Ian Convery, Co-lead, IUCN Commission for Ecosystem Management (CEM) Rewilding Thematic Group (RTG)

Ece Ozdemiroglu, Founding Director of Eftec (Economics for the Environment)

Dave Pritchard, independent consultant in both the environmental and cultural sectors

Matt Sharman, film maker, Coldhouse Collective

Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see

Edgar Degas