Art as a catalyst for conversations, critical thinking and collaborative action.

It’s a funny term – ‘artist’ – a word that not everyone interprets in the same way. We use it to describe people who have a creative practice and use creativity to engage others and to express what matters to them. All PLACE artists are keenly involved in using their work to focus on environmental issues, ecology and/or socio-ecological practice and enquiry.

PLACE will be bringing together artists from many disciplines, working in media including but not limited to: visual art (e.g. photography, painting, printmaking, film, illustration, animation); music; audio production; sculpture and 3D work; poetry, text and language-based art; performance (including theatre, storytelling, dance).

Scroll through the profiles below to meet some of the members. They may be in the early stages of their practice, or may have an established career – everyone brings something special and contributes to the ethos of mutual learning, support and openness. The community is just setting out, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow.