Camilla Nelson

Camilla Nelson is a British language artist, small press publisher, creative programmer and freelance academic. Her work explores the materiality of language in page-based poetry, soundwork, installation and performance.

Camilla’s work enquires into our embodied, sensory-engagement as plural bodies-in-relation-in-the-world. Her PhD in Performance Writing (UAL, 2013) explored multi-agency authorship in relationship with one particular tree. Since then, her enquiry has expanded to encompass plant (Apples & Other Languages, 2017) and woodland life ( A Yarn Er Narrative, 2019) moving into insect, bird and animal realms in her BECOMING radio shows for  SoundArt FM.

Fragments from BECOMING showed at MAK’s (Museum of Applied Arts) CLIMATE CARE: Reimagining Shared Planetary Futures for 2020 Vienna Biennale and she devised a performance, Becoming Fungi / Becoming Forest, with sirenscrossing for the Coventry Biennale 2021. Her performance work explores the emergence and decay of language as material in sound and movement (Poem Factory / Reading Movement).

Camilla is founding editor of Singing Apple Press, a small independent press that produces hand-crafted, limited edition poem-prints, books and other objects. Her third poetry collection, EPIC, is published by Guillemot Press.

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