Emma Harry

I am an artist and illustrator working in different mediums from drawing to video installation to explore the curiosities of the natural world. My work is informed by my interest in geological processes and the effect of time and erosion on the landscape. I am fascinated by traces and piecing together stories from objects and environments. Slow movement through the landscape on foot and more recently by sea on collaborative expeditions is an important part of my practice. I see the landscape as layers of overlapping drawings made throughout time by different entities. I use drawing as a method to observe the landscape more closely and unveil hidden aspects of the natural world. Over the past year the process of slowing down and looking closer has become more pronounced and my latest work reflects my experience of this unique time.

website: emmaharry.com
Instagram: @emmahazzaharry

Lewisian Gneiss Rock study
Layered Time – chalk projection
Eigg Eroding sandstone
Sea Worn Tree
Layered Time Installation

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