Juliet Klottrup

Juliet Klottrup is a visual artist working primarily as a photographer/director shooting widely across fashion, documentary and music. Her work examines the emotional connection between people and place while gently searching for the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. 

Recently Juliet released a short documentary film called ‘Youth of the Rural North’ which is part of an ongoing parallel photographic series capturing the lives of young people living in rural communities in North Yorkshire and Cumbria. The film has been shown at Kendal Mountain Festival, Yorkshire Festival of story and Hinterlands Rural Film festival. Juliet is keen to preserve a document of youth, landscape, community, work and tradition in the place she calls home.

Last year, notably, she was the winner of the Portrait of Britain 2020 and was shortlisted for The Portrait of Humanity award with the British Journal of Photography.

website: www.julietklottrup.com
Instagram: @julietklottrup

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