Sam Gare

Sam’s work depicts the natural landscapes from which modern urban lifestyles are increasingly disconnected. Her work aims to share the positive power of nature on the human spirit and soul. She wants to reconnect us to nature and promote us to conserve and respect the wilderness.

Driven by a lifelong passion for nature, she frequently travels to natural environments to inform her work, creating both in the studio and outdoors in the field.

Sam is an ambassador for the Wilderness Foundation UK and the co-founder of the Wilderness Art Collective.

Instagram: @samanthagare

Quinag, Sail Gharbh. 1mx1m. Pen, paint marker and paint on mountbord. 2021
painting Ama Dablam large
Mint Choc Chip 100cm x 120cm, Pen, paint marker and pastel on mountboard. 2020.

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