Sarah Smout

Sarah’s creative career is built on years of collaboration and a deep passion for the environment. She has appeared on dozens of critically acclaimed albums in the folk and roots scene, and has toured internationally with renowned artists such as Michael Chapman, Bridget St. John and the Mediaeval Baebes.

Sarah grew up in the Yorkshire Dales, and it is this close connection to nature that inspires her art. In 2017 she wrote a song for Greenpeace, and continues to collaborate with environmental organisations such as the Yorkshire Peat Partnership and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, creating music for their campaigns and unique outdoor music videos. Her recent film ‘Atlas’ created on Yorkshire’s peat bogs was shown at Kendal Mountain Festival (2022).

Sarah’s environmentalism has also taken her on remote tours of Scotland, and an exceptionally rocky journey to Iceland by boat, via Orkney, Shetland and the Faroes.  She travelled intentionally slowly, so that each island had time to make an impression, for the sounds of the birds and their local dialect names to sink in, and for collaborations with local musicians to take place. These experiences have culminated in a solo show, called Eyjar, which explores human relationships with nature, climate change and sense of place through music, poetry and spoken word, stitched together by looped cello sound-scapes.

Arctic Ground, with Greenpeace

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