Simon Hitchens

Exploring interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, as a means of understanding our relationship with impermanence (what passes and what outlasts), is a key focus within my practice. My work questions differences between animate and inanimate, more specifically rock and flesh, mountain and body, to gently tease out an understanding of the human condition and our place within the world.

The natural world is an endless source of inspiration to me, and a direct tool I my use to create my work: rock is its material backbone and its conceptual focus. For example, I am currently using sunlight as the key source for image making; ceaselessly chasing shadows cast by a rock between sunrise and sunset. These are processed-based drawings made in, of and about the landscape; the result of a particular set of conditions, in a particular place, over a particular span of time. They record celestial time, geological time and human time as well as the weather patterns unique to that day and site. They are a meditation on time and space, connecting us to something larger than ourselves.




Glorious Beauty

Casting a shadow over the Jurassic

More than human #4

Day Drawing #1

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