Wallace Heim

Wallace Heim writes, researches and makes art in the lively zones where culture, art and performance meet the more-than-human. Her academic slant is philosophical, reflecting on how new forms of ecological experience and understanding can take shape through the arts. She has written on how a place can learn; on ‘slow activism’; on sensing extinction; on conflict; and on home, land and love. Wallace also writes fiction. ‘the sea cannot be depleted’ is a performed audio piece about the Solway Estuary, the changing senses of that place and what lies beneath the water’s surface. Her exhibition of sculpture, x=2140, explored what it means to care for contaminated land in West Cumbria. She co-edited Nature Performed (2003). She has published in Performance Research; in Performance and Ecology. What Can Theatre Do? (2018); Readings in Performance and Ecology (2012); and Performing Nature (2006). She co-edited Landing Stages. Selections from the Ashden Directory 2000 – 2014. She also researches the work of women freshwater scientists at Windermere in the 20th century.

Wallace facilitates Councils on the Uncertain Human Future. She is currently working on arts projects relating to the River Leven: When the Future Comes and Sensing Place: Exploring the Ineffable. Wallace lives within the porous border of the Lake District National Park. 





twitter:  @wallaceheim


     Cover image for audio piece ‘the sea cannot be depleted

X=2140. In the coming 120 years, how can humans decide to remember, dismantle and repair the lands called Sellafield?. Knowledge Font & Font No. 1

     X=2140. Future Font (detail)

     When the Future Comes. research image

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