Anne Waggot Knott

Anne is a Scottish artist and geographer based in Cumbria. A cross-disciplinary practitioner, her favourite port in a creative storm is fine art printmaking but she also works in sculpture, glass, installation, photography, digital outcomes and creative writing.

Her practice is often conceptual, experimental, process-driven, and frequently rooted in wild landscapes. She is influenced by physical and metaphorical journeys and human-environment connections; place, space and identity are recurring themes. Human touchpoints with the darker, riskier elements of our rural spaces (and our psyche) hold a special kind of appeal.

Following six years spent working in outdoor education, Anne graduated with MA Geography (University of St Andrews) in 2007. She carved out a successful career in higher education and the research sector, travelling widely and building relationships across the arts, humanities, science and technology. She is a skilled project manager and communicator with significant experience in community engagement and widening participation.

A career change to full-time visual arts in 2019 saw her channel this breadth of experience and perspective into her creative practice. She runs a print studio in Cockermouth and is a strong advocate for creative practitioners, creative engagement, and art as a force for change, reconciliation and innovation.

Instagram: @knottintheoffice

Website: Charlie Alpha Studio

The Deep, 2020 (digital photograph): Facing the unknown, the intimate and expansive

Home, 2019 (dyed concrete with handmade wool felt): Exploring routes that entice us home, the cracks and crevices apparent

Fugitive, 2020 (digital photograph, foraged materials): Together we narrate a cunning tale of escape and subterfuge

One of Many, 2019 (detail, linocut print): A creative brave face, a processing of our grievous wrench from Europe

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