Becky Nunes

I am a lens-based artist of Jewish and Cornish descent. I have recently relocated to the United Kingdom after living and working for many years in Aotearoa-New Zealand. I work in an expanded documentary framework, using lens-based tools to think about the problematic and complicated nature of land use, resource extraction and the amplification of marginalised and polyphonic voices.  

My practice is scaffolded upon the building of alliances with ecology and indigeneity, utilising collaborative and Kaupapa Maori (Maori practices and protocols) methodologies. In my work I unearth and manipulate archival material, combining it with my own moving image & still photography. I am interested in experimental lensed and lens-less imaging that can articulate other-than-human presence.

I think about walking as method for generating haptic and embodied knowledge, and about ways to employ a “listening” camera as a creative research tool in the service of communities. As an educator my focus is on empowerment and making space for divergence in the classroom and curriculum.

Associate Professor in lens-based media at Staffordshire University.


Instagram: @beckynunes_nz

36S_174E  (2016) Digital original. Triptych 1500x600mm
we are nowhere and it’s now (2014) Analogue original. Diptych 1200x600mm
Persepona (2014) Digital original 1500x900mm
Pyrite (2017) Digital original. 1000x450mm

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