A choir sings in the open air: they are standing on Thorneythwaite Fell, with lakes and mountains behind them

Dave Camlin

Dave Camlin is a musician based in west Cumbria, UK. His practice spans performance, composition, teaching, community music and research. He performs in various guises and leads a number of community choirs in the Natural Voice (NVN) tradition, grounded in a belief that music is about the performance of ‘relationships’ as much as it is the performance of ‘works’, and that collaborative art-making can be a resource for people to begin to occupy a more equitable social and political reality as an alternative to the dehumanising conditions of late capitalism.

Dave won the National Trust’s ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ in 2019 for his AHRC / Arts Council England funded mountain-top singing project, The Fellowship of Hill and Wind and Sunshine. He is Lecturer in Music Education at the Royal College of Music and Trinity-Laban Conservatoire in London and was Head of Higher Education and Research at Sage Gateshead from 2010-19.

Dave’s research focuses on group singing, music health and wellbeing, musician training and Community Music, pioneering the use of ‘distributed ethnography’ as a method for research into cultural phenomena. In 2021, he led the Communitas wild music project, the Resolution Song for COP26 and brought a wild chorus together in protest against the proposed establishment of a new coal mind in Cumbria. Upcoming works include a monograph entitled Music Making and The Civic Imagination

Find out more at : http://www.davecamlin.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dave.camlin

Dave Camlin with a guitar, standing among trees on a summer day, in Ghyll Cottage Garden
Dave Camlin from the Songs from Nowhere series of outdoor recordings
A choir stands and sings high in the Lake District fells, on a rocky summit
Conducting ‘Fellowship’ on Great Gable (photo Nick Landells)
Dave Camlin portrait
Dave Camlin (photo: Joe Haydon)

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