four images showing an installation of hand-made swifts above predestrian streets, by Naomi Hart

naomi hart

Naomi Hart’s work looks at human interaction with the environment, especially themes around water, elements, journey and time. Her main methods are drawing, painting, photography, writing and sound recording, but she uses many different media to investigate the world and her practice is informed by journeys and direct observation from nature.

Naomi was Leverhulme Artist in Residence working with glaciologists at the University of Sheffield and the University of Norway in Svalbard; and she is a research associate at the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter.

Naomi collaborates with scientists and researchers, including marine biologists, social scientists, glaciologists and geographers, and has looked at issues around forests, climate change, ocean plastic pollution, and migration. She has exhibited and produced site-specific work in the UK and abroad, and has produced large-scale, socially engaged commissions for the public and private sectors. Naomi has work in the permanent collection of the National Museum of Scotland and Exeter Cathedral and has exhibited at the Royal Geographical Society in London, where she has also given presentations.

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Naomi Hart with her exhibition ‘ice report’ at the RGS, for the launch of a new documentary “Ice Alive” about the microbial secrets of the cryosphere

four images showing an installation of hand-made swifts above predestrian streets, by Naomi Hart
‘Swift’, mixed media installation with salvaged plastic milk bottles and copper wire from various sources, Naomi Hart, 2017
mixed media artwork with blue and red, oil on canvas, created by Naomi Hart and showing human figures (reg) against a blue and white background.
‘They grew to recognise the change in the sound of their footprints as they moved over crevasses’,
60cm x 60cm mixed media on canvas, from ‘ice report’, Naomi Hart, 2018
An image of a blue iguana created using lime juice indigo and seawater by Naomi Hart
Blue iguana, lime juice, indigo and seawater, from ‘The Art of Politics’, Naomi Hart, 2019
Naomi Hart stands in front of an love-heart-shaped installation made of shells
‘Shell’, calcium carbonate and seawater, 4m x 6m, Naomi Hart, 2021 (Photo Rhodri Cooper Photography)

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