Jools Gilson

Jools Gilson is an artist, writer and educator. Her practice moves across the disciplines of dance theatre, creative writing, visual art and broadcast radio. Her work has been performed and exhibited internationally and has received awards from The Arts Councils of Ireland and England, Culture Ireland, Fulbright Ireland, The Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada), New York Festivals and others.

Jools was the Director of the performance production company half/angel for ten years (with Richard Povall) and she has made award-winning documentary and drama for broadcast radio (RTÉ and the BBC). Recurring themes across these diverse practices and spaces are a poetic playfulness, a lively curiosity about communities, textiles, femininity and especially the climate emergency. She is Professor of Creative Practice in the School of Film, Music & Theatre at University College Cork in Ireland.

Current projects include Tempestries, a dance theatre / writing work whose spliced science and speculative history are anchored in the story of a 7th Century bog skeleton and her textiles found on Cloonshannagh bog, Co. Roscommon in 2005 as a way to expand engagement with the climate emergency in Ireland through its wetlands. Tempestries is funded by Fulbright Ireland and the Arts Council of Ireland.


Twitter: @joolsgilson

Instagram: @joolsgilson

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