A woman stands on a hilltop, with snowy hills behind. She is wearing a yellow hat and a blue jacket.

Julia Parks

Julia Parks is an artist filmmaker exploring the different relationships between landscapes, plants, people and industry. She works with experimental documentary forms often using 16mm film, archival footage, poetry and song. 

As a recipient of the Film London Artist Moving Image FLAMIN Fellowship in 2020/21, Julia made Seaweed, a short film that explores the relationship between people and seaweed in Northern Scotland. Funded by Arts Council England,  the film was screened at BFI London Film Festival, Aesthetica, B3 Biennial & won the Glaister Award for social impact from Brazier International Film Festival. 

In 2022 Julia took part in a 6-month residency with Alchemy Film & Arts in Hawick as part of their The Teviot, the Flag and the Rich, Rich Soil programme. Encompassing historical and site-sensitive research, sound recordings, analogue filmmaking and community engagement, the project investigated the relationship between plants, people, animals and textiles making along the Teviot and Tweed Rivers, with specific interest in wool aliens and the stories of migration they tell. The four new films she has made will world premiere at the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in April 2023. Julia is currently living in Hawick, Scotland and is from West Cumbria. 


Instagram: juliaemilyparks

Link tree: https://linktr.ee/juliaparksseaweed

A woman in a black TShirt is using a camera to film the scene of a person in a white TShirt and black hat, holding out their hands
Filming the process of moth trapping
A green and red sticky burr held in the open palm of a hand

Film still from The Wool Aliens (2023) – showing Pirri Pirri Burr, a plant commonly found in New Zealand & Australia and now  found growing on the river tweed, the Scottish Borders. The plant arrived in the early 20th century first in imported sheep’s fleeces where it was then washed into the river during the scouring process. 
Four cows stand in a grassy field with the towers of a power plant in the background
Film still from Workington Red (2019) A film looking at the different ways the iron, coal, steel and nuclear industries have shaped the landscape around west cumbria. The film includes interviews with local people, poetry and a specially recorded song from Flimby Male Voice Choir. Made as part of the Self Seeder residency at Florence Arts Centre and funded by Arts Council England.
A black and white photographic image of two men on a boat, lead beneath wet seaweed
Film still from Seaweed (2022) a film which explores the folklore, ecology, and history of seaweed in north Scotland. Voiced by seaweed harvesters, workers in the alginate factories, environmental activists, archaeologists, seaweed farmers behind the miracle resource. Made as part of a wider project titled Seaweed Stories, funded by Arts Council England.
A group of people standing in a hall. A man leans down at the front. Behind him a man stands and his body is being covered by sticky burrs.
Film still from Tell me about the Burryman (2023) – A film portrait of the Burryman – a long-lasting tradition set in Queensferry, Scotland in which a man dresses in an outfit of sticky burrs and parades the streets for a day in August.

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