A woman in a black shirt is spraying a black shoe with silver paint

Kate Gilman Brundrett

Kate is an exploratory artist with interests rooted in the observation of human habits and ‘worlds’ we occupy – investigating how we navigate and structure our mental and physical landscapes in order to place our ‘selves’ within them.

Working in a range of media, her work is characterised by an approach of investigative enquiry, inviting us to rethink the human condition at a time of uncertain cultural change. Her expanded practice includes projects that examine our cultural, social and political foibles, using creative exploration in a multiplicity of ways; interventions that capture and reflect idiosyncrasies of modern life; sketches that reveal studies of the everyday that are sometimes forgotten in chaos; and three dimensional drawings that re-enliven our senses to point at an ‘awareness of the obvious’. Her projects are often multi-layered, with humour providing an access to deeper reflections, while her ‘Small Wonderments’ and simple provocations illustrate our world in super-quick spontaneous gestures.

Recent projects include ‘SOTWO: State Of The World Overwhelm’. Commissioned by Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, and part of ‘Miniscule Venice’ at the 58th Venice Biennale, SOTWO comments on our global context – the political, economic, environmental and social global disaster emerging in recent years, and our state of overwhelm and inability to deal with it.

Kate graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 1998 and City University in 2000. She was Graphic Artist / Editor at The Independent / on Sunday, and co-founder of international art space Area10 – a 22,000 square foot warehouse in Peckham.

Kate returned to Cumbria in 2002, founding The Cumbria Network; a creative development hub for 1000+ artists, co-founded FRED, one of Europe’s largest site specific festivals, and was ‘Jobs & Opps’ Editor for a-n: The Artists Information Company.

She continues her visual arts practice from a rural base in north England. She is also a Leadership coach and Director of The Studio Morland, an Arts&Wellness venue in the heart of the Eden Valley.

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A white shed placed on a hillside, with a rope set out around it
‘View’ An installation that asked visitors to proceed through a ‘visiting system. Why queue when the view is free? 2010.
An image showing text and photographs of tiny statues inside glass cases.
SOTWO. State of the world overwhelm. 2018.
A stone gatepost with the metal hanger painted gold
The Golden Gate Series No. #5. Artistic vandalism throughout the Lake District creating portals to escapism. Tullie House. 2010
An illustration showing the sun, a syringe, a pair of hands, and faces, and a rainbow
The Cumbria Garland. Response to the lockdown, selected for ‘Through the Locking Glass’ exhibition and publication. 2020
A woman in a black shirt is spraying a black shoe with silver paint
There’s No Place Like Home. Project celebrating the 80th year of artist Conrad Atkinson. 2020.

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