Luke M Walker

Luke M Walker is a London-based Painter and Walking Artist, his work primarily focuses on our relationship with both built and natural environments. He explores themes around the nature of constructing the city and the use and reuse of materials and buildings, but also how nature and natural processes play an important role in our cities. He has exhibited across the UK, in Europe and two recent joint shows in Taiwan.

This projects have led him to walk the River Thames and across the Alps, documenting aspects of the landscape and undertaking walks to the fringes of the city to the Green Belt to see how it is under threat from development and how relevant it is in today’s connected city.

He collects data while walking: his elevation, speed, pace etc and uses this to construct his ‘Datacapes’ paintings, that act as records of his activities in the city and further afield.

He is also Co-Founder of The Wilderness Art Collective: a group of artists whose work explores our relationship with the natural world and is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Instagram: @Lukemwalker_arts

Datescape 5
Datescape 12
Datescape 19
Datescape 3

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