Vega Brennan

Vega Brennan is an artist who works mainly with print. She works in a rural setting, five miles from the Solway estuary and in sight of the Northern Fells. She works on a small scale, thinking about and creating work as objects that can be handled and considered in contexts other than in galleries and on walls.

The multiplicity of prints, their possible configurations and iterations are continually fascinating to her in terms of creating or disrupting value. Multiplicity for her is not monstrous or disturbing but an opportunity to expand what is possible. She is also interested in permanence and fragility and how art can be made sustainably and with minimal damage or ideally, with positive benefit to the environment.


Vega is Australian by birth and she has a mixed Chinese-Portuguese-Spanish parentage. She has lived in Hong Kong, Italy and the UK. Her first degree was in Art History and Italian, which was followed by an MA in History of Printmaking where she explored Renaissance city maps, German Reformation propaganda and Chinese popular prints. She worked in secondary schools for 16 years, also completing an MA in Fine Art and Education at the University of Northumbria in partnership with the Baltic. In 2009 she founded Art Education North West, a network for Artist-Educators, working closely with the National Society for Education in Art and Design. In 2015 she helped to set up Cumbria Printmakers, a network of professional artists, organising exhibitions, workshops and events. She is Chair of the Tullie House Community Board.

Vega runs Linden Print Studio, a small, open-access, safer print studio in Carlisle, providing courses and specialist printmaking facilities. She is a founder-member of Art Crit North Cumbria, set up in 2018.


Instagram: @lindenprint

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